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Welcome To The Department Of Environmental Protection



The Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for all disposal, immission control matters, soil and water protection, hazardous materials transportation in connection with disposal, removal and laboratory wastewater analytics. More detailed information about these services is available at: Service.


Relating to Environmental Protection there are numerous laws, regulations, statutes, technical standards, and administrative regulations. When creating this internet guideline, all applicable statutory provisions have been taken into account and integrated. These statutory provisions have not been included to limit the size of this guideline and to facilitate its practical use. All the current environmental laws are available at umwelt-online, the university owns a campus license for this page. When using a computer with an IP address of the University of Freiburg, the full version of the service is available at umwelt-online Login


One or several waste management officers have been designated in all the institutes producing dangerous wastes. These waste management officers are the contact persons for all employees and students of the corresponding faculties for routine disposal.

Of course, it is our intention to find the optimal solution for all facilities within the frame of our possibilities. If questions or problems arise, do not hesitate to contact the employees of the department of environmental protection. A list of the corresponding contact persons and subject matters is available here:
Ansprechpartner und Sachgebiete (contact person and functional area)

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